Start a Community Power Program

Good Energy and Standard Power make starting a Community Power program simple. 

Our approach efficiently builds a tailored program so that the power – and the benefits – can start flowing to your community.

Getting started is easy. All you need is interest – no budget is necessary. That’s because our fee is paid by the electricity suppliers ultimately chosen by your Community Power program.

A Full Suite of Services for Community Power programs

We will work with your Community Power Committee and local officials to make Community Power a reality.  

Community Power Plan Design & Development

Consultation, goal setting, drafting a plan, facilitating public input and review.

Local Approval Management

Securing buy-in from community members and elected officials.

Electricity Procurement

Procuring competitively priced electricity supply from qualified suppliers.

Renewable Energy Integration

Sourcing local renewable energy to meet program goals.

Contract negotiations

Providing the strongest terms and conditions for your agreements with suppliers

Public Education and Outreach

Educating the community about the new program and their options for participation, as well as driving participation in options with 100% renewable electricity

Supplier Management

Overseeing the supplier’s operations to ensure contract compliance and quality.

Customer Support & Ongoing Education

Managing all electricity customer questions, inquiries, and issues

Regulatory Representation

Providing input on Public Utilities Commission (PUC) rules and regulations affecting Community Power programs

Let’s build something together.