Community Power: A Big Opportunity for Local Government

Good Energy and Standard Power have formed a partnership to bring you the best of the national and local experience with electricity supply programs and procurement of renewable sources.

Community Power enables New Hampshire cities, towns and even counties to take control of their electricity supply.

Leverage the buying power of your community to create competitive, stable and green electricity choices for your residents and businesses – and let the utility continue to manage billing and maintenance. 

Good Energy is an experienced consultant that provides the complete suite of integrated services required for Community Power programs. Standard Power adds experience working with New Hampshire communities to lower costs and increase use of renewable resources. Both companies have extensive experience working with municipalities to meet your goals, with no upfront costs.

Our approach empowers your city, town or county to chart its own course, without the need to hire any additional staff or create new layers of bureaucracy. We recoup our costs through the electricity supply contract, meaning no fees to local government – ever. 

The City of Keene is moving forward with Community Power.

We can help you get started too!

Our team combines local, regional, and national best practices to develop economically and environmentally successful Community Power programs in New Hampshire.

Let’s build something together.