Community Power Overview

Cities, towns and counties in New Hampshire are taking control of their electricity supply! With Community Power, also known as municipal aggregation and Community Choice Aggregation, your city or town can leverage its buying power to select an electricity supply that best meets the needs of its residents and businesses. Community Power is authorized by Senate Bill 286.

Good Energy is an energy consultant that brings experience from New England and beyond to develop economically and environmentally successful Community Power programs for New Hampshire. See how we can partner with you to bring Community Power to life here.

The Program

The utility provides supply by default. This supply is known as Default Service. With Community Power, a New Hampshire city, town or county uses a competitive bid to select a new supplier on behalf of all its residents and businesses currently receiving Default Service supply. The new supply source and associated rate is then included on the account holder’s existing utility bill. Participants can opt out at any time without penalty and can even opt out before the program begins. Good Energy helps municipalities and counties design, implement and operate Community Power programs.

The Benefits

Secure Competitive Pricing

Community Power allows your community to purchase electricity when the market is favorable. Utilities cannot. Good Energy brings industry leading expertise so you can strike at the best time.

Good Energy also offers the opportunity to bid with large groups of municipalities or your county, potentially driving even better pricing

Ensure Price Stability

Whereas utility Default Service prices change every six months, Good Energy can
help you to contract for a year or more to provide price assurance and
avoid winter price spikes.

Price assurance and stability are particularly helpful to residents on a fixed-income and for anyone managing a household budget.

Use & Build New Renewable Energy

Your Community Power program’s electricity supply can include more renewable energy than Default Service, and you have the option to source it from existing local renewable projects (e.g., small scale hydro).

Your program can also help build more renewable energy in our region, lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Good Energy pioneered an approach of including more new, local renewable energy at affordable rates in its aggregations. This allows cities and towns to dramatically expand access to clean energy for their community and to generate the impact necessary to help fight climate change.

Electric Innovation

There are plenty of options for how you can tailor and evolve rates, billing and program offerings that go beyond today’s status quo to fit the needs of your community. Energy efficiency, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), and demand management can all be in the mix. Talk to us about what you’re interested in! We can help you understand what the Community Power law allows and its potential.